NY Pizza Suprema was established in 1964 in this location by my father Salvatore Riggio. This pizzeria was here before Madison Square Garden... Read more

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NY Pizza Suprema is one of the Pizzeria Scott's tours.... read more

Slice Harvester
This slice is GREAT and if you are a connoisseur of simple street pizza, it is worth going out of your way to try it out..... read more

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Join us for a great New York City tour! Put on your walking shoes..... read more

As Seen on Rachel Ray
As Seen on The Today Show
'Slice Harvester' Reveals Best Slice in NYC
Colin Hagendorf tasted 373 different slices in order to determine which one was best, and he’s revealing his findings to Rachael!

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NY pizza to LA dining: Curtis Stone talks dining coast-to-coast
In New York, having a favorite slice of pizza is key. Suprema Pizza has won over celebrity chef Curtis Stone and actress and his wife, Lindsay Price. On the West Coast, a friend's restaurant in Hollywood is his go-to.

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