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Ed Levine - A Slice of Heaven
If you find yourself headed to Madison Square Garden for a Knicks or Rangers game or a concert and you have 15 minutes or less to get something to eat, Pizza Suprema is the answer to your prayers... readmore

Aaron Mattis - Serious Eat

If you have some time before your train departs, it's worthwhile to leave Penn Station and head one block south to NY Pizza Suprema, an old-school slice joint and neighborhood favorite. Though we liked the classic New York slice, the pizzeria's real standout was the upside-down slice, a thick, square slice with the cheese under the sauce...readmore
Excellent pizza, with the finest ingedients, including fine imported romano grated cheese from Italy, the highest quality Grande Mozzarella and Plum Tomatoes is used to make a thin crust, well baked pizza in the Old Italian Tradition... readmore
he pizza is nice and crispy. While you may be saying "Duh all pizza is supposed to have a nice crispy crust!" Well the sad fact is when you go to these "world famous" pizzerias like Grimaldi's or Lombardi's you get some soggy expensive pizza. The sauce is sweet with some light acidity from the tomatoes. The cheese doesn't overwhelm the slice at all - a mistake found in 80% of the Neopolitan slices you'll find in NYC... readmore

Ed Levine - Top Slice

ine sliceria that's good to know about when you're going to the Garden... readmore

Scoreboard Gourmet

My investigation and reporting on places to eat around MSG continues with NY Pizza Suprema on 8th Avenue. I can't tell you how great it is to have such a good slice in such a wasteland... readmore

Owned by the Same Italian Family for over 45 years!
413 8th Avenue (at St.) NYC, (212)594-8939